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Sat Apr 27 19:35:14 EDT 2013

I am currently using the latest java client, and I have a question regarding updating data in a bucket where siblings are allowed (i.e. allowSiblings = true).
I finally understand the whole read-resolve-mutate-write cycle, and also doing an update / store using previously fetched data (i.e. not in the same "transaction").
This question is regarding the latter case (updating previously fetched data). My read uses a resolver. My data class has a @RiakVClock field defined.
The problem is when I do the store(blah).withoutFetch(). It seems to be generating siblings. I just realized that's probably because my resolver (during the read) is creating a new object and then merging then siblings into the new object, however it's not setting the vclock field. 
My question is, during the read resolve stage, what should I use for the vlock? Should I just copy it from one of the other siblings, or is there some specific sort order I should use to pick a particular vlock for the new object?
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