Link Walking with Riak-js returns unexpected results

vvsanil vvsanilkumar at
Mon Feb 4 09:12:07 EST 2013

Link walking with Riak-js ( returns unexpected results. 
For a given tag name it returns all the linked keys instead of returning
only keys that have been tagged.

Example:'airlines', 'KLM', {fleet: 111, country: 'NL'}, { links:
  [{ bucket: 'flights', key: 'KLM-8098', tag: 'cargo' },
   { bucket: 'flights', key: 'KLM-1196', tag: 'passenger' }]

Now for the following query:
    db.walk('airlines', 'KLM', [["flights", "cargo"]])

Expected result is KLM-8098
Actual result is KLM-8098, KLM-1196 (i.e. all keys are fetched irrespective
of tag name)

Is anybody facing the same issue? Any solutions?

Thank you, 

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