[ANN] Yokozuna 0.3.0

Ryan Zezeski rzezeski at basho.com
Mon Feb 4 12:26:56 EST 2013

Riak Users,

Today I'm happy to announce the 3rd pre-release of Yokozuna.  It's light on
new features but has some good performance improvements and added
robustness.  Here are the highlights:

* Allow store/retrieval of schemas via HTTP.

* Upgrade to Solr 4.1.0 and the latest Riak.

* Improve write/index throughput by disabling Solr's "realtime get" and
switching from XML update to JSON.

* Added robustness around AAE and default index creation.

* Listen on 'solr/<index>/select' to more easily work with existing clients
out of the box.

To see all changes read the full release notes [1].  Like the last two
releases, an AMI has been made, see the EC2 doc for more info [2].

New for this release is the addition of a source package.  I hope this
might encourage those who are scared off by the process of building from
git to give Riak/Yokozuna a try.  These four steps below will produce a
ready-to-run node under 'rel/riak' [3].

wget http://s3.amazonaws.com/yzami/pkgs/src/riak-yokozuna-0.3.0-src.tar.gz
tar zxvf riak-yokozuna-0.3.0-src.tar.gz
cd riak-yokozuna-0.3.0-src
make stage

[1]: https://github.com/rzezeski/yokozuna/blob/v0.3.0/docs/RELEASE_NOTES.md

[2]: https://github.com/rzezeski/yokozuna/blob/v0.3.0/docs/EC2.md

[3]: You may want to change some configuration first:

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