Bucket creation.

Kevin Burton rkevinburton at charter.net
Tue Feb 5 18:09:05 EST 2013


I have filed to find code that would create a bucket. It must be in the past
I have just put objects into a bucket and Riak must construct the bucket if
it does not exist. Now I would like to create the bucket and set some
properties on that bucket. But I don't know how to create the bucket.


So I have code like:


                            BuildProduct(source, destination);

                            RiakObject value = new RiakObject("products",
keySku, JsonConvert.SerializeObject(destination))


                                    ContentType = "application/json"



                            RiakResult<RiakObject> response =
client.Put(value, new RiakPutOptions { W = 2 });


But I would like to create the bucket and set properties on the bucket
before I put things into the bucket. Like:


            RiakResult<RiakBucketProperties> riakBuckpropertiesResult =
client.GetBucketProperties("products", true);

            if (riakBuckpropertiesResult.IsSuccess)










The problem is that the properties that I want to set are for a bucket that
doesn't exist yet so the "get" fails.

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