CorrugatedIron Link Walking

Kevin Burton rkevinburton at
Thu Feb 7 01:46:38 EST 2013

I am trying out link walking with CorrugatedIron. I see in the documentation


var query1 = new RiakMapReduceQuery()


                 .Link(l => l.Tag("friend").Bucket("people"))

                 .ReduceErlang(r => r.ModFun("riak_kv_mapreduce",


I am unclear what the function of the last 'ReduceErlang' method is?


Also I want all links of a certain tag. Isn't the bucket and key specified
in the link? What is the purpose of the 'Bucket'?


Finally this is probably my ignorance on Map/Reduce but I don't understand
the different phase results.


Thank you.


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