Riak benchmarking

Kevin Burton rkevinburton at charter.net
Fri Feb 8 07:35:27 EST 2013

I called it like the documentation: './basho_bench myconfig.config'. So only
one argument and that was the config file name.  The config file I used was
template after the 2i.config in the examples directory.

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Kevin Burton <rkevinburton at charter.net> wrote:

kb> I replaced the with the address for my cluster (I have 4 
kb> nodes in the cluster). I get an error: `[info] can't set long node 
kb> name Please check configuration' followed by a fatal error [error] 
kb> Failed to start net kernel.

Kevin, what arguments did you use when running basho_bench?  The "-N"
argument requires a long node name: a short name like "foo at bar" is not


Translation: the RHS of the node name must have a dot in it.  :-)


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