PhaseResult error handleing?

Kevin Burton rkevinburton at
Sun Feb 10 16:11:06 EST 2013

I have a CorrugatedIron application that I want to make a MapReduce query
with. I initiate the query like


                RiakResult<RiakMapReduceResult> result =


Then I check that the query was successful:


                if (result.IsSuccess)


Now I iterate through all of the phase results:


                    foreach (RiakMapReduceResultPhase phaseResult in


I check that the phase result was successful:


                        if (phaseResult.Success)


Most of the phase results are successful but occasionally this will return
'false' indicating that the phase result was not successful. My question to
this group is how do I handle this situation? How do I determine why it
failed? At this point unlike for a RiakResult there isn't an ErrorMessage or
ResultCode to give me some indication of what went wrong.  What are some
good ideas as to how I might find out what went wrong? Thank you.

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