CorrugatedIron batch get?

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So for [2] what is a RiakObjectID? The name of the argument is bucket-key
pairs? But I am confused what is the constructor that takes an array of
strings that is labeled object id? No relation to RiakBucketKeyInput.


I hadn't even known about IRiakBatchClient. Now I am intrigued. From the
source it seems to mimic all of the calls to IRiakClient. How is the setup
different? When does the "batch" start?


This is kind of off-topic but I notice that there is a property public int
RetryCount { get; set; }. What is the default value? How does it work? Is
the whole batch retried or individual calls within the batch?


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My guess is that you're referring to the method Put(IEnumerable<RiakObject>
values) [1]. If that's the case, yes there's also a Get that accepts an
IEnumerable of RiakObjectID [2]. Riak doesn't support multi-get so CI is
just wrapping a bunch of Gets in the background for you. MapReduce might be
more effective here.


If you're talking about the IRiakBatchClient interface [3], all actions of
RiakClient can be handled through IRiakBatchClient. Keep in mind that CI's
batch operations are just a wrapper around making a large number of calls at
once. Nothing about Batch() is atomic - if you need a Unit of Work pattern
you'll have to implement it yourself.






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On Sun, Feb 10, 2013 at 1:32 PM, Kevin Burton <rkevinburton at>

Looking at the method calls I can see that there is a batch Put. Where I can
form a list of RiakObject s and do one put that writes all of the objects to
the database. Is there an equivalent "batch get"? Examples? Thank you.

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