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Just bumping this, I think the most important part is if there is a
roadmap, or a way to get involved. Object browsing and disk/merge stats
are important features that would be really helpful and if there are
docs on how we can get started contributing to Riak Control, that would
be great.




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Also: Is there an ETA on Riak Control?


On Thu, Feb 7, 2013 at 10:08 AM, Ian Ha <ian at blutrumpet.com> wrote:



Developing a comprehensive admin console would be great.


I would add merge statistics to Chad's feature requests. Would be nice
to see who how much disk space is saved during merges, which
merge/threshold triggers were hit, and possible disk usage at that time.


On Wed, Feb 6, 2013 at 2:21 PM, Chad Engler <Chad.Engler at patlive.com>

	Some of my favorite features of Futon were the ability to edit
the configuration of the server from the web interface, check job status
(compaction, view indexing, etc), and used almost all the time was the
overview to see data size and number of documents:




	This little table was the best because I could immediately see
who is using what, how many documents are there (many times to make sure
the count is going up at a rate that it should be); and of course I
could run map-reduces in there as well, but I understand that works a
bit differently in Riak.


	Some other nice-to-haves would be:


	*         Paged-Object browser

	o    You can jump to a single value if you know the key

	o    Links can be clicked through to view the different linked

	*         Create/Delete/Modify buckets and bucket attributes

	*         Graphs for stats

	o    I'm not sure if history for the /stats call is saved
somewhere so I'm not sure if this is possible without a little overhead

	o    Right now I use the munin plugins, but I'm not sure if I
get the full benefit of all the stats in there 

	*         More intelligent log viewer

	o    Erlang logs are pretty nasty if you aren't into the
language, it would be nice to have a more "parsed" view into what an
error actually *means*

	*         Love the memory usage, and ring partition usage but
some disk stats would be nice

	o    On the node list it would be nice to see disk space usage
and/or iops as well


	I wouldn't mind contributing to the project, I just don't see a
file on "contributing", or the roadmap for Riak Control, or a backlog,
or anything like that so if I wasn't sure where to spend time if I was





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	Hi Chad, 


	We decided to focus our development on Riak Control moving
forward on administration features, specifically understanding how your
cluster is performing, managing node addition and removal and
visualizing distribution of data throughout the ring.


	However, I'd be very interested in hearing which features of
Futon you find most useful and what you're looking for in a UI for Riak.




	- Chris 



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	On Wednesday, February 6, 2013 at 2:02 PM, Chad Engler wrote:


	> Hey guys,


	> I've found that with CouchDB an interface like Futon is
extremely helpful. I understand that Riak Control was going to have
object-browsing features, but they have been pushed-back and/or
abandoned. Is there a data browser out there that is easy to use and
provides features similar to Futon? I've looked at Rekon, and it just
isn't very useful IMO.


	> Any pointers would be appreciated.


	> Thanks,


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