find() Suddenly Works on Quorum Change

Ian Ha ian at
Tue Feb 12 14:29:51 EST 2013

Via the Ripple client library for Ruby, we were doing a User.find() call to
our riak cluster and received the following error:

Riak::ProtobuffsFailedRequest: Expected success from Riak but received 0.

As a guess, we changed the read quorum to 2 from 3 and left the
write quorum unchanged at 3; the change was done on the User object. As a
result, the User.find() call worked.

Strangely, when we changed the read quorum back to 3, the User.find() now
worked, too.

I searched in our logs and Google and couldn't find any clues as to what
might be causing this.

Does anyone have any suggestions here or can point me to documentation that
might help explain this?

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