Tune Riak for fast inserts - populate DB

Bogdan Flueras flueras.bogdan at gmail.com
Wed Feb 13 02:37:14 EST 2013

Hello all,
I've got a 5 node cluster with Riak 1.2.1, all machines are multicore,
with min 4GB RAM.

I want to insert something like 50 million records in Riak with the java
client (Protobuf used) with default settings.  I've tried also with HTTP
protocol and set w = 1 but got some problems.

However the process is very slow: it doesn't write more than 6GB/ hour or
aprox. 280 KB/second.
To have all my data filled in, it would take aprox 2 days !!

What can I do to have the data filled into Riak ASAP?
How should I configure the cluster ? (vm.args/ app.config) I don't care so
much about consistency at this point.

Thank you,
ing. Bogdan Flueras
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