Riak Java client v1.1.0

Brian Roach roach at basho.com
Thu Feb 14 16:43:41 EST 2013


Today we have released the latest version of the Java client for Riak, v1.1.0

This is available immediately from Maven Central by adding the
following to your project's pom.xml:


For those not using maven we provide a single .jar file that contains
the client and all its dependencies:


This release is both a bugfix and feature release.

Most notably you will find that it now supports secondary indexes
natively if you are using protocol buffers. In addition, the int_index
typing has been changed from int to long to eliminate the 2^31 limit.

Also on the protocol buffers front, you should see a performance
increase if you are working with siblings and using the IRiakClient
level interfaces; an old bug was found where and extra get operation
was being made unnecessarily when siblings were present.

A cpu utilization bug was also found to have been introduced in 1.0.7
in the protocol buffers client (connection pool). This has been

The complete list of changes in 1.1.0 can be found in the CHANGELOG on
github. Current Javadocs have been published and are available via

- Brian Roach

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