[ANNC] Riak 1.3.0 RC4

Jared Morrow jared at basho.com
Fri Feb 15 14:21:05 EST 2013

Riak Users,

First off, sorry for the lack of updates on the RC front for a while, but
we've been busy testing Riak prepping for 1.3 release.  Today we'd like to
make available RC4 for your viewing / testing / benchmarking pleasure.  The
last public RC I sent out was RC2, so what happened to RC3?  RC3 had some
performance tweaks we were testing internally so I didn't bother sending
that out if 99.9% of users would not have noticed any difference.  Below
are the changes to RC4.  If you are a eleveldb backend user, you should see
quite a large performance bump if you tried out 1.3.0 RC1 or RC2.

   - Several performance changes to eleveldb backend
   - riak/274: Riak fails to start on a single CPU
   - bitcask/76: Make Bitcask I/O mode configurable: Erlang vs
   - bitcask/77: Change default Bitcask I/O mode to
   - riak_control/53: style.css file missing from some
   - riak_kv/482: Randomize the LevelDB write_buffer_size used for
   - riak_kv/483: Improve AAE backpressure on K/V vnode
   - riak_kv/486: Make AAE default to 'off' when not

The full release notes are here:

The download is available here:

Thanks as always from the whole team!

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