[ANN] CorrugatedIron v1.2.0 Released

OJ Reeves oj at buffered.io
Wed Feb 20 01:06:22 EST 2013

Hello Riak fans,

Jeremiah and I are happy to announce the latest release of
CorrugatedIron[1], our .NET client for Riak.

In this version we've fixed a couple of nagging issues to do with
Map/Reduce, deprecated a couple of unused APIs, and made some other
adjustments which will hopefully make your Riak venture in .NET land a
little more enjoyable. We've also added some functionality which should
hopefully improve the experience for those wanting to do crazy stuff like
listing keys.

Full details are in the release notes[2]. The package is available on
Nuget[3] and you can grab the source from Github[4].

Thanks to everyone who was involved in this release, particularly the
community members involved in the discussion and raising the bugs. It's
great to have input from a wider audience, we sure hope it continues.

OJ & Jeremiah

[1]: http://corrugatediron.org/
[3]: http://nuget.org/packages/CorrugatedIron
[4]: https://github.com/DistributedNonsense/CorrugatedIron/
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