Riak - low throughput

Dmitri Zagidulin dzagidulin at basho.com
Wed Feb 20 15:29:37 EST 2013

When running throughput tests, I've usually found that the bottleneck is in
the loading/testing script itself. That number (400-600 writes/sec) is
usually the limit that a simple load script (consisting of a while loop
that does PUTs to Riak) reaches.

Meaning, a single while loop issuing writes and waiting back for responses
can't realistically write much faster than that.

The solution is - you have to bulk up your testing script, and introduce
parallelism. Fire up several loading scripts in parallel. If you have
multiple machines to write to the riak cluster, use those.  Make sure
you're load-balancing your writes to all 3 nodes in the cluster, and not
just hitting one. Use threads or worker pools to issue your writes, if
that's available in your language.

General performance test bottleneck checklist (to get you past that 600

1. Are you load balancing which nodes you're writing to, or always hitting
the same node/IP? Either use an external balancer like HA proxy, and write
to that, or use the round-robin balancer that's built into some of the Riak
clients (like the Java client).

2. Is your test script single threaded? (Are you doing your writes
linearly, in a while loop?) Spread the work to several different load
scripts working in parallel. Spin up different threads to issue writes, if
your language does multithreading well. If you're in Ruby, consider using
worker pool managers like Celluloid, or something like Sidekiq.

There's other fine-tuning performance knobs having to do with backend
settings, but those two above will get you the biggest gains.

On Wed, Feb 20, 2013 at 3:10 PM, catchme <lhariharan at hotmail.com> wrote:

> I have configured Riak using
> 3 nodes
> n_val=3
> dw=1
> w=1
> r=1
> Using memory backend
> The throughput is very low. Results after running the script for 10 mins
> #samples  90% Line  Throughput
> 408679     17           683/sec
> I am doing reads and writes to all the nodes.
> How do I improve the throughput?
> Thanks.
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