riak-search returning less rows than requested

Mridul Kashatria mridul at readwhere.com
Thu Feb 21 02:19:13 EST 2013

I found that the items which have been deleted, or updated are not 
updating in the search index.

There is a key value pair like this,

"1131" =>
   "titlename": "title",
   "description": "desc",
   "tags": "magazine english"

Then it is deleted using curl -XDELETE

Searching for tags:magazine using solr interface still finds this item. 
But it is hidden from the results.

Now I update the item with some garbage value like "1131" => "blah blah"

Searching for tags:magazine again finds this item and it shows up in 
results like this

1131 =>
   "titlename": "blah blah"

It is very inconsistent. Please help me fix the issue.


On Wednesday 20 February 2013 10:35 PM, Mridul Kashatria wrote:
> Hi,
> I did a search query using riak search solr interface requesting 20 
> rows starting from 0. The results page shows numFound to be 278 but 
> returning items count is 18.
> I'm curious to know under what circumstances can this happen.
> --
> Mridul

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