[ANN] Riak 1.3 Released

Tom Santero tsantero at basho.com
Thu Feb 21 09:24:52 EST 2013

Here Ye! Here Ye!

The Basho Engineering team is thrilled to announced that Riak 1.3 is
official and ready for your production systems. Without further adieu:

   - Complete release notes:
   - 1.3 downloads and documentation:

If you've been following the commits or have read the release notes for the
first four RCs, you know this release is well worth the wait. Big ticket
features and fixes include Active Anti Entropy (AAE), MapReduce stability
and speed improvements, a refacing for Riak Control, LevelDB saw another
round of significant improvements, and much more. All told, we
fixed/resolved/merged more than 170 issues and PRs.

In addition to the release notes, we've got a blog post up on the Basho
Blog [1] with more details about 1.3. We're also doing a Riak 1.3 Webcast
on March 7th [2] for anyone who is interested in getting a more in-depth
look at the release.

1.3 took a a little longer to get out the door than was planned, but it's
the most-advanced, battle-tested Riak we've ever released and we're proud
to ship it to you. Thanks for being a supportive and active community. Your
production usage, suggestions, comments, criticisms, code contributions,
and bug fixes made this possible.

Lastly, if you want to hear all about the future of Riak and hack alongside
fellow Riak Community members for a few days, come to RICON | EAST this May
in NYC [3].

Let us know if you have any questions about the release and thanks for
being a part of Riak.

Now, onto 1.4...

The Basho Team

[1] http://basho.com/introducing-riak-1-3/

[2] http://info.basho.com/IntroToRiakMarch7.html

[3] http://ricon.io/east.html
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