Regarding pre/post commit hooks

Byron Wang byronpc1 at
Fri Feb 22 08:51:46 EST 2013


I would just like to ask regarding pre/post commit hooks.

We have a scenario wherein we're aggregating messages into chunks of 20. On a normal use case, we would usually get the object first, update the value and then put back to riak.

However we've recently discovered the use of precommit hooks which can actually manipulate the object before being saved to the database.

As a sample aggregate hook:

    Bucket = riak_object:bucket(Object),
    Key = riak_object:key(Object),
    Value = binary_to_term(riak_object:get_value(Object)),

    {ok, C} = riak:local_client(),

     case C:get(Bucket, Key) of
        {ok, BinaryObject} ->
            NewValue = riak_object:get_value(BinaryObject) ++ [Value],
            riak_object:update_value(BinaryObject, NewValue);
        {error,notfound} ->
            riak_object:update_value(Object, [Value]);
            {fail, E}

Now I've tested this approach on a specific bucket and it works therefore reducing the calls to riak from 2 to actually just 1. My question is…is this actually a good approach? Will it become a bottleneck or will it cause problems eventually? Performance-wise?

Byron Wang
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