32bit package status going forward

Jared Morrow jared at basho.com
Fri Feb 22 17:23:15 EST 2013

Riak Users,

I would like to throw out a discussion topic for you all to consider.  We
have discussed internally about dropping 32bit packages from our releases.
 We haven't done so in the past because we thought there were still some
good reasons to support it.  Increasingly though, reasons are running out
and we think it is time to open up the discussion about dropping support.

One case that always came up was cloud providers and their continuing
support of 32bit VM's in the free / small tier.  In AWS's case, there used
to be several AWS EC2 types that were just 32bit. Given a lot of our users
and customers try Riak out for the first time on small EC2 instance types,
we felt like 32bit support was needed.  We always suggested to people that
testing against t1.micro instances was a bad idea, but it was still a
reality we wanted to support.  Based on what current instance types are
available http://aws.amazon.com/ec2/instance-types/ this is no longer an

So why get rid of it in the first place?  32bit machines / vm's have a hard
2G limit on memory.  This limit can cause problems with our backends which
store keys (in bitcask's case) and cache (in eleveldb's case) in memory.
 You can tune each of these backends to work in constrained environments,
but requiring manual tuning of the `app.config` before you even start your
first node doesn't exactly fit our "Ops Friendy" goal we strive to achieve.

So, is anyone out there running Riak in a 32bit environment?  Will you be
extremely unhappy if 1.3 is the last release to have supported packages

Thanks for reading,
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