Understanding read_repairs

Sebastian Cohnen sebastian.cohnen at gmail.com
Sun Feb 24 10:01:35 EST 2013

Can you confirm that the PR didn't made it into 1.3.0? It was closed about two four weeks ago...

I think I'm hitting the same issue here. In one project I'm using last write wins and the read repair count is ridiculously high. I'm hoping that this might also help reducing the latency problem we are seeing for the 99th+ percentiles of requests.

On 22.02.2013, at 09:24, Russell Brown <russell.brown at me.com> wrote:

> It is fixed in master, but it doesn't look like it made it into 1.3.0. If you're ok with building from source, I tried it and a patch from 8895d2877576af2441bee755028df1a6cf2174c7 goes cleanly onto 1.3.0.

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