Raiku 0.3 has been released

Gideon de Kok gideondk at me.com
Wed Feb 27 02:04:44 EST 2013


Just released a new 0.3 version of Raiku; a non-blocking performance focused Riak client for Scala.
0.3 is a major release, featuring a large amount of new features:

- The IO layer is upgraded to Akka 2.2, delivering more performance and stability;
- Connection are now begin handled by a configurable amount of actors, supervised for reconnection and error recovery;
- Streaming MapReduce support is added to the client, using the Play Iteratee library;
- MapReduce jobs / sockets are handled by a different actors pool: longer MapReduce won't directly consume performance and sockets from the normal functionality; 
- A unique MapReduce DSL, offering deterministic phase retrieval through tuples with either result lists as result enumerators;
- A naive reactive bucket, making it able to use Riak in a reactive data flow through (for example) the Play Framework;
- Several bug fixes and performance improvements.

Check it out at: https://github.com/gideondk/raiku



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