Building a Development Environment: Can't PUT image

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Hi there,

I think the issue is simply that you're not adding the '@' symbol before
the file name in your cURL call:

curl -XPUT \
  -H "Content-type: image/jpeg" \
  --data-binary *@*yyyy.jpg

Give that a crack.

On Thu, Feb 28, 2013 at 5:57 AM, Chas. Munat <chas at> wrote:

>  I'm following the Building a Development Environment part of the
> tutorial. I have a four node cluster. By viewing the app.config files, I've
> determined that the individual nodes respond on ports 10018, 10028, 10038,
> and 10048. But I can't see anywhere where the port used to address the
> cluster as a whole is provided.
> I have tried putting an image using the provide CURL call:
> curl -XPUT \
>   -H "Content-type: image/jpeg" \
>   --data-binary yyyy.jpg
> Substituting 10018 for xxxx, and the filename of my image for yyyy. I'm
> running this from the dev directory and the image is in the same directory.
> I've tried it with a ./ to be sure, and have even tried it with sudo
> thinking it might be permissions.
> The call to CURL returns without comment. If I use a bad port, it returns
> an error. When I go to substituting
> the same port for xxxx, I get a broken image link. So it's trying to put
> the image there, but the image isn't being copied.
> What am I doing wrong? And how can I figure out which port to use?
> TIA!
> Chas. Munat
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