Looking for good tutorial on writing Erlang Map/Reduce queries?

Derek Sanderson zapphutz at gmail.com
Wed Jan 16 15:34:57 EST 2013

Hello all,

Been googling around, but failing to find anything that really helps walk a
newcomer through writing M/R queries in Erlang for Riak.

I'm going through some general Erlang tutorials, but it would also be good
to just see some solid examples of basic (and not so basic) Map and Reduce
operations, to get a feel for how to actually write them. The Riak Handbook
has one example that I've been going with, which is good for a bare-minimum
set of requirements for how to write these, but doesn't really provide
enough info to know what kinds of things are available to me, and some
common patterns to apply in writing my own Maps, how to pass in parameters,
etc etc.

Thanks in advance
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