Multiple 'database' in Riak

Jimmy Ho jho at
Sat Jan 19 12:07:49 EST 2013

Hi guys,

I knew a similar questions have been asked, but would like to find out what
are some sensible ways to deploy riak for both for multiple applications,
or even uat + prod environments.

Let's assume I have a budget for 10 servers.

I have two applications I wish to deploy into PROD (hence needing two

Would it make sense to,

   1. build two clusters, 5 nodes each, for each of the app, completely
   2. build two cluster, each host to have two instances of riak, ie
   forming a 2 x 10node clusters

Another assumption: both apps have similar resource consumption at anyone

Which would would benefit the most from riak's distributed architecture ?

I suppose I am trying to explore ways to maximise server utilisation.


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