Riak Search on Updated buckets

John Daily jdaily at basho.com
Thu Jan 24 19:40:14 EST 2013

If I'm understanding you correctly, effectively the search results always (or sometimes?) reflect out-dated values.

Can you supply more details on your configuration? N/R/W values, number of nodes?

Does the problem persist or resolve itself eventually?  Is it always true or only sometimes true that this occurs?

Do you have an example value (old and new) that caused you problems?

-John Daily
Technical Evangelist

On Jan 23, 2013, at 2:16 PM, Jorge Garrido <jorge.garrido at morelosoft.com> wrote:

> Hi
> Recently, i ve implemented riak search, but I am worried about a problem:
> When data is written into riak (bucket), the riak search works great, but
> when data is updated then riak search saves the old value and the new value for the 
> search is not matching, 
> can you tell me, what is it happening?
> Jorge Garrido
> Thanks
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