blocking get call?

Guido Medina guido.medina at
Mon Jan 28 12:01:00 EST 2013

That would defy the purpose of distributed and high availability; the 
short answer is no, you will have to implement at the application level 
a blocking policy for the keys, assuming you know your key before hand 
/(think if it of your primary key if it was an SQL DB)/, in Riak last 
write wins, unless you are have siblings enabled which you will have to 
resolve conflicts later, take a look at the following presentations, it 
might give you ideas; they are not necessary related to your subject, 
but will tell you why is not possible:

Hope that helps,


On 28/01/13 16:46, E R wrote:
> Does riak have a "blocking get" call?
> I'm thinking of something that works like this... if a GET call is 
> made for an object that doesn't exist, the call blocks until the 
> object is created.
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