Using Riak for time-series data

Boris Solovyov boris.solovyov at
Tue Jan 29 16:53:42 EST 2013

Is Riak good for time-series data like stock trade information? Data I
consider is:

   - Millions, maybe billions or more of series, each has name, like stock
   ticker symbol
   - One-per-second measurement (occasionally will have missing values,
   - Many measurement are zero or static, unchanging
   - Append-only, never update, never write in past
   - Data probably high compressible, good if it can be compress well

Query requirements are probably typical, for graphing and analyze,

   - Get all measurements for [serie1,serie2,...serieN] for a time range
   - Find series with similar names, maybe with wildcards matching
   - Get all measurements aggregated for similar series, e.g. get a time
   range of two series, but add their measurements together to produce a
   single series of output

In reading on Riak, seems to have many nice feature not needed for this
purpose, and maybe too costly for some of suggested operations. Too much
IO, maybe too expensive to add two serie together, etc. Also, features like
conflict detection, versioning, extra metadata etc not needed. And if Riak
store timestamp with every value, will reduce compressibility, i.e. no need
store timestamps with every measure if serie is just long set of 0's.

If Riak is not right, what suggestions do you have?
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