Differences between riak_client and riak_kv_mrc_pipe MapReduce when one node is down.

gunin at mail.mipt.ru gunin at mail.mipt.ru
Wed Jan 30 08:05:47 EST 2013

We have 6 node riak cluster.I simple custom erlang application for custom MapReduce job.

We start MapReduce job using riak_kv_mrc_pipe pipe module,for example - 

Query = [{map, {modfun,Mod,MapFun},[do_prereduce,{from,1}], false},{reduce, {modfun,Mod,ReduceFun},[{reduce_phase_batch_size, 1000}], true}],

But if one of the node down for along time. Response is unpredictable sometimes it's return {ok,GoodResultList}, but sometimes {ok,[]}(empty list).
We trace riak_kv and riak_pipe and found too problem:
1. In riak_kv_pipe_index or in riak_kv_pipe_liskeys created fitting_spec this nval always is 1.
2. Actual error is occurred in riak_pipe_vnode:remaining_preflist that retun empty PrefList for some Hash(#fitting_spec.nval is 1). It use riak_core_apl:get_primary_apl function.

But if we use old style map reduce,for example:
        {ok,C} = riak:local_client(),
	 Me = self(),
        Query = [{map, {modfun,Mod,MapFun},[do_prereduce,{from,1}], false},{reduce, {modfun,Mod,ReduceFun},[{reduce_phase_batch_size, 1000}], true}],
	{ok, {ReqId,FlowPid}} = C:mapred_stream(Query,Me,Timeout),
	{ok,_}=riak_kv_index_fsm_sup:start_index_fsm(zont_riak_connection:riak_node(), [{raw, ReqId,FlowPid}, [Bucket, none,{range,Field,From,To},Timeout,mapred]]),
	luke_flow:collect_output(ReqId, Timeout).

Query executed well. But problem is that do_prereduce and {reduce_phase_batch_size, 1000} is ignored,that why execution is slow.

Can you make some recommendation? May be riak_pipe_vnode:remaining_preflist we need use riak_core_apl:get_apl_ann or set #fitting_spec.nval to nval from out Bucket props?

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