[ANNC] Riak 1.3.0 RC1

Kresten Krab Thorup krab at trifork.com
Wed Jan 30 19:04:43 EST 2013

Looks great! I'm excited!

Does AAE also apply to search? Or is it only KV that benefits from this?  The reason I'm asking is of cause that this list has seen some cases of bit rot in merge index files.

Given that AAE necessarily add extra I/O, should we expect that I/O to noticeably effect throughput of K/V?



Den 31/01/2013 kl. 00.20 skrev "Jared Morrow" <jared at basho.com<mailto:jared at basho.com>>:

Riak Users,

I am extremely excited to let you all know we have reached RC1 status on Riak 1.3.0.  We all know this has been a long release cycle, but the investment we put into testing and automation (see: https://github.com/basho/riak_test and https://github.com/basho/giddyup) will pay off tremendously down the road with stability and more timely releases.  If you are new to Riak, we name a build "release candidate" when we believe it could become the final released version.  Given that, we hope you all give it a try and let us know what you think.

So what is new?


Enough talk, where is it?


One note about our amazing new docs page, it has not been completely updated for 1.3.0, but will be soon.

For commercial users of Riak Enterprise, the 1.3 release includes a technical preview of advanced multi-datacenter replication capabilities. For more information, see Riak Enterprise docs at http://docs.basho.com/riakee/latest/

Thanks as always to the best community out there!
- Everyone at Basho

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