Differences between riak_client and riak_kv_mrc_pipe MapReduce when one node is down.

Bryan Fink bryan at basho.com
Thu Jan 31 08:03:09 EST 2013

On Thu, Jan 31, 2013 at 6:07 AM,  <gunin at mail.mipt.ru> wrote:
> Sorry John. You don't understand my question.
> 1. One node(I mean physical(erlang) node) in cluster is down.
> 2. It was down when i'm start job,when perform job and after it. We power off this node. It's under repair. But we don't remove this node from cluster.

Aha. Thank you for the clarification. Sorry for pushing John in the
wrong direction. Your new description leads me to think that the
problem is likely in the reduce phase (where we do, yes, use an nval
of 1, but also a constant hash that doesn't account for node

As yet, I've been unable to reproduce exactly what you'r seeing,
though. I always get an error instead of an empty result. Answers to
some of these questions may help me:

1. What version of Riak are you running?
2. How many nodes do you have in the cluster?
3. About how many keys are in this bucket?
4. About how many keys do you expect to match the index query?


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