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Thu Jan 31 08:14:30 EST 2013


I have doubts about /withoutFetch()/ and /returnBody(boolean)/, I will 
put some scenarios:

 1. Store object (or overwrite) existing Riak object where I'm 100% I
    don't need to fetch from Riak (Last write wins and goes to memory cache)
 2. Apply a mutation to an object but this time return the mutated
    instance from the Riak operation without fetching it from Riak
    cluster (via apply()?) so that the mutated result gets updated in
    memory cache.

I want to use accurately both methods but I'm a bit lost with their use 
case, so, is it safe to assume the following?

  * *Scenario 1:* execute() without calling withoutFetch() and
    returnBody(false) because both by default are false?
  * *Scenario 2**:* execute() with returnBody(true) so I get the result
    of Mutation.apply()?

All described scenarios have no siblings enabled and use default 
converter (Domain POJO annotated with Jackson)

Thanks in advance for the response(s),


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