[ANN] Yokozuna 0.7.0

Ryan Zezeski rzezeski at basho.com
Mon Jul 1 12:50:22 EDT 2013

Yokozuna supports protobuff already.  It uses the same protocol as current
Riak Search so it is currently limited to that feature set.  It should
"just work".  However, currently, if both Riak Search and Yokozuna are
enabled then Riak Search will handle all queries.

Are you asking in regards to CorrugatedIron by chance?


On Mon, Jul 1, 2013 at 12:29 PM, Jeremiah Peschka <
jeremiah.peschka at gmail.com> wrote:

> What level of PBC integration can we expect from Yokozuna? Is that
> developed but not documented or is that a TBA feature?
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> On Mon, Jul 1, 2013 at 8:46 AM, Ryan Zezeski <rzezeski at basho.com> wrote:
>> Riak Users,
>> Today I'm excited to bring you the 0.7.0 release of Yokozuna.  It
>> includes some new features such as an upgrade to Solr 4.3.0, isolation of
>> index failures, one-to-many index-to-buckets relationship, and map-reduce
>> support.  There is also a performance improvement in index throughput.
>>  Along with several bug fixes.  See the release notes for more detail.
>> https://github.com/basho/yokozuna/blob/master/docs/RELEASE_NOTES.md#070
>> Once again I have forgone the EC2 AMI.  Only a source package is
>> available.  You can find instructions for installing on the INSTALL page.
>> https://github.com/basho/yokozuna/blob/master/docs/INSTALL.md
>> For those that have been using Yokozuna.  The one-to-many change is a
>> breaking change.  Creating an index no longer implicitly indexes the bucket
>> with the same name.  Two steps must be performed.  FIrst you create the
>> index as before.  Second you add a bucket property 'yz_index' whose value
>> is the name of the index you wish to index that bucket under.  There is an
>> example in the README.
>> https://github.com/basho/yokozuna#creating-an-index
>> -Z
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