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Thanks Alex for your quick response.
I have made the object as public as per your instructions:
[root at Rhel63-Sanjeev ~]# s3cmd setacl -P s3://imagestore/template/tmpl/1/5/centos56-x86_64-xen/centos56-x86_64.vhd.bz2
s3://imagestore/template/tmpl/1/5/centos56-x86_64-xen/centos56-x86_64.vhd.bz2: ACL set to Public  [1 of 1]

However downloading this object still says “Access Denied”.  URL being fired is:


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Hi Sanjeev,

By default, uploaded objects will not be publicly available.  To make them available you have to set the Access Control List to allow public reads for all users.
If you are using s3cmd you can do this with: s3cmd -c .s3cfgfile setacl --acl-public s3://BUCKET/OBJECT

If you need to do this for everything in a bucket, you should then look into using "Bucket Policies" to automatically set public access.
Your bucket policy would look something like, and then you could apply the policy using s3cmd: s3cmd -c .s3cfg setpolicy public-access-bucket-policy.json s3://BUCKET


On Tue, Jul 2, 2013 at 8:32 AM, Sanjeev Neelarapu <sanjeev.neelarapu at<mailto:sanjeev.neelarapu at>> wrote:

Could someone help me in providing http access to objects stored in the bucket?

I have Riak and Riak-CS installed on a linux machine. Created bucket and pushed some files to the bucket using s3cmd. However downloading the objects using http URL is failing.

Following is the object path stored in the bucket “imagestore”:

Could anyone specify the way to download it using http access?

ACL on the bucket:

[root at Rhel63-Sanjeev ~]# s3cmd info s3://imagestore
s3://imagestore/ (bucket):
   Location:  us-east-1
   ACL:       admin: FULL_CONTROL


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