CorrugatedIron v1.4.0-RC1

Jeremiah Peschka jeremiah.peschka at
Sun Jul 7 18:55:48 EDT 2013

We've released CorrugatedIron (the .NET Riak client) v1.4.0-RC1 into the
wild. Release notes are available at
pasted below.

We do need testers for this - this release has been developed against Riak
1.4.0 HEAD, but our intent is that we'll stop breaking backwards
compatibility with this release of CorrugatedIron.

If you're using CorrugatedIron and you're able to test this in the next
week, it would be greatly appreciated - even a quick email saying
"worksforme" would be awesome.



# Release Notes #

* **Support for Riak 1.4**
* Bucket properties calls have been moved entirely to the Protocol Buffers
interface. Riak 1.3 and earlier users should make sure to set the `useHttp`
parameter to `true`. This won't make any difference for setting bucket
properties - `extended` was renamed to `useHttp`.
* Index pagination (#127)
* Reseting bucket properties through PB API (#126) - no API change here, we
just do it the official way.
* Counters are available via `RiakClient.IncrementCounter` and
`RiakClient.GetCounter`. Various counter options are supplied via
`RiakCounterUpdateOptions` and `RiakCounterGetOptions`. (#125)
* Removed `Either<uint, string>` in many Riak*Options classes. Users can
still set options quorum options using a string or an integer, but the
internal representation has changed. New code should use
`RiakConstants.QuorumOptions` for setting and comparing quorum options.
* Created `RiakIndexResult` to deal with new possible riak index results
containing either a list of keys or list of key + term pairs. (#142, #128)
**N.B.** this will break CI 1.3.x and earlier range query operations.
    * Existing queries will need to use `results.Value.IndexKeyTerms` to
enumerate through the results of an 2i query.
    * An `IndexKeyTerm` contains a `key` and `term`. `term` will be empty
unless the `return_terms` query option is used.
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