Help with local restore for dev enviroment

Mark Wagner mwagner72 at
Wed Jul 10 10:37:43 EDT 2013

Thanks for the info!!!  I appreciate the help and I am glad to know that it
should just work!

I don't really need the data from the whole cluster while developing the
script.  I just need to get my queries working etc...

One issue I am facing is I don't know the structure of the data.  So I am
trying to browse it (http://localhost:8098/riak?buckets=true)  and I
getting content decode  error.

Any ideas?  thoughts on how to troubleshoot this?  Or different approaches
to determining the structure?

Thanks AGAIN!!!


On Wed, Jul 10, 2013 at 7:59 AM, Justin Sheehy <justin at> wrote:

> Hi, Mark.
> You've already received a little advice generally so I won't pile on that
> part, but one thing stood out to me:
> > My client has sent me a backup from one of their cluster nodes. bitcask
> data,. rings and config.
> Unless I'm misunderstanding what you're doing, what you're working on will
> not get you the data from the whole cluster, but the fraction of the data
> that was stored on the one node that you have a backup from. Just a
> warning, in case you hadn't realized this.
> -Justin

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