Can't start Riak. Erlang crashes immediately. Memory problem?

prog112 prog112 at
Fri Jul 12 03:31:13 EDT 2013

I went even furher... Installed fresh on CentOS. Can't start at all:

===== LOGGING STARTED Fri Jul 12 09:26:03 CEST 2013
Node 'riak at' not responding to pings.
config is OK
!!!! WARNING: ulimit -n is 1024; 4096 is the recommended minimum.
Exec: /usr/lib64/riak/erts-5.9.1/bin/erlexec -boot
/usr/lib64/riak/releases/1.4.0/riak              -config
/etc/riak/app.config             -pa /usr/lib64/riak/lib/basho-patches            
-args_file /etc/riak/vm.args -- console
Root: /usr/lib64/riak
Failed to create thread: Resource temporarily unavailable (11)

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