Quickly deleting + recreating item in Riak deletes new item

Matthew Dawson matthew at mjdsystems.ca
Mon Jul 15 23:59:27 EDT 2013

On July 15, 2013 02:16:47 PM Gabriel Littman wrote:
> Hi,
> Another posibility is to create a new bucket for each test run.
> Gabe
Also a good idea, but not easily implemented against my current library.  I've 
got a solution in using random addition to keys that works for now.

My only problem is that this doesn't solve my underlying issues regarding keys 
disappearing.  Is the only way to ensure keys don't disappear is to never 
reuse a key?  I'd understand if this was caused by two random processes 
interacting, but in this case there is a significant (>1s) time between two 
runs where keys overlap.

Thanks for all the help,
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