Riak Search and Sorting

Jeremiah Peschka jeremiah.peschka at gmail.com
Wed Jul 17 17:30:27 EDT 2013

I'm attempting to sort data with Riak Search and have run into a distinct
lack of sorting.

When using curl (The Fullest Featurest Riak Client EVAR™), I query the
following URL:

Being aware that results are sorted AFTER filtering on the server side, I
adjusted my query to accept too many rows: there are 335 rows that meet my
query criteria. However, Riak Search returns 10 sorted by some random
criteria that I'm not aware of (it's not score, that's for sure).

Is this behavior expected? Is there something that I've missed in my query?

Jeremiah Peschka - Founder, Brent Ozar Unlimited
MCITP: SQL Server 2008, MVP
Cloudera Certified Developer for Apache Hadoop
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