TCP recv timeout and handoffs almost all the time

Guido Medina guido.medina at
Thu Jul 18 14:34:18 EDT 2013

If what you are describing is happening for 1.4, type riak-admin diag 
and see the new recommended kernel parameters, also, on vm.args 
uncomment the +zdbbl 32768 parameter, since what you are describing is 
similar to what happened to us when we upgraded to 1.4.



On 18/07/13 19:21, Simon Effenberg wrote:
> Hi @list,
> I see sometimes logs talking about "hinted_handoff transfer of .. failed because of TCP recv timeout".
> Also riak-admin transfers shows me many handoffs (is it possible to give some insights about "how many" handoffs happened through "riak-admin status"?).
> - Is it a normal behavior to have up to 30 handoffs from/to different nodes?
> - How can I get down to the problem with the TCP recv timeout? I'm not sure if this is a network problem or if the other node is too slow. The load is ok on the machines (some IOwait but not 100%). Maybe interfering with AAE?
> Here the log information about the TCP recv timeout. But that is not that often but handoffs happens really often:
> 2013-07-18 16:22:05.654 UTC [error] <0.28933.14>@riak_core_handoff_sender:start_fold:216 hinted_handoff transfer of riak_kv_vnode from 'riak at' 1118962191081472546749696200048404186924073353216 to 'riak at' 1118962191081472546749696200048404186924073353216 failed because of TCP recv timeout
> 2013-07-18 16:22:05.673 UTC [error] <0.202.0>@riak_core_handoff_manager:handle_info:282 An outbound handoff of partition riak_kv_vnode 1118962191081472546749696200048404186924073353216 was terminated for reason: {shutdown,timeout}
> Thanks in advance
> Simon
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