Dangling keys/objects after a batch of sequential inserts (for going on 3 days)

Siraaj Khandkar siraaj at khandkar.net
Sun Jul 21 02:09:01 EDT 2013

I (sequentially) made 146204 inserts of unique objects to a single 
bucket. Several secondary indices (most with unique values) were set for 
each object, one of which was "bucket" = BucketName (to use 2i for 
listing all keys).

6 of the objects appear to have been lost - they're consistently not 
found by GETs (by key) and are not found by 2i queries to the indices 
with unique values.

However, the "bucket" index search returns them _sometimes_.

Now, I understand there may be a replication lag, but this state has 
remained for over 3 days now.

"What is fucked, and why?" :)

System info:

     OS: Ubuntu 12.04
     Riak: 1.4
     N: 3
     W: 2

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