Dangling keys/objects after a batch of sequential inserts (for going on 3 days)

Russell Brown russell.brown at mac.com
Sun Jul 21 07:24:30 EDT 2013


On 21 Jul 2013, at 02:09, Siraaj Khandkar <siraaj at khandkar.net> wrote:

> I (sequentially) made 146204 inserts of unique objects to a single bucket. Several secondary indices (most with unique values) were set for each object, one of which was "bucket" = BucketName (to use 2i for listing all keys).

There is a special $bucket index for this already, please see the docs here http://docs.basho.com/riak/latest/dev/using/2i/

> 6 of the objects appear to have been lost - they're consistently not found by GETs (by key) and are not found by 2i queries to the indices with unique values.

Are you sure they were inserted? Was there an error during your batch insert?

> However, the "bucket" index search returns them _sometimes_.

Oh. Erm. Have you deleted some keys? 2i is essentially an r=1 query.

> Now, I understand there may be a replication lag, but this state has remained for over 3 days now.
> "What is fucked, and why?" :)

Good question.

Could you provide some more details to help me figure it out: How many nodes are you running? Can you provide an example of the 2i queries you're running? If this is just a dev cluster, can you verify the keys are present / absent using either a range 2i $keys query, or a key list, please?



> System info:
>    OS: Ubuntu 12.04
>    Riak: 1.4
>    N: 3
>    W: 2
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