How to create a Jinterface node and cluster for Java Client Benchmark with Basho Bench

jerryjyuan jerryjyuan at
Sun Jul 21 18:34:43 EDT 2013

I am trying to run some Java client benchmark testing with Basho Bench by
following the Riak document:

The Basho Bench tool configuration file for this need requires Jinterface
node, see below:

%% The list of remote Java client nodes you want to bench.
%% Each entry is a tupple of the format
%% {node(), inet:ip4_address(), inet:port_number()}
%% Were host is the Jinterface node and
%% ip and port form the address of the
%% Riak interface that Java client should call

{riakc_java_nodes, [{'java at', {127,0,0,1}, 10018}]}.

And I don't see the Riak online documentation has some description about
Jinterface node. If you have information about the document pages or the
procedures to create Jinterface node, it would be highly appreciated.


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