Performance problem: put operation takes seconds

Vahric Muhtaryan vahric at
Mon Jul 22 13:15:55 EDT 2013


Why need to apply raid 1 ? Apply raid 0 for each node , this should be
increase the performance. Riak also keep 3 copy of each value, no need to
care about redundancy. Also maybe the problem could be SATA because if its
desktop one then latency could be increase and because of sata interface
supported number of command in a second more low then SAS interface maybe
this also cause an issue.

Just want to share my ideas after read you request.

On Monday, July 22, 2013, ks <ksafonov at> wrote:
> Hi there,
> We're using Riak 1.3.1 cluster with 3 nodes (CentOS 64-bit, Intel® Xeon®
> E3-1245 Quadcore, 16 GB DDR3 RAM ECC, 2 x 3 TB SATA 6 Gb/s HDD 7200 rpm
> (Software-RAID 1)) connected to the same 10 Gb router.
> We hold lot of small key-value pairs in the database and do about 500 get
> operations and about 500 put requests per second via Java client library
> from different client machines.
> The problem is that 95% percentile (according to Riak statistics) often
> jumps up to 50000 ms for a couple of minutes. This is something quite far
> from we expected in terms of performance.
> We've tried setting the options in
> (except for noatime flag). But anyway, 50 seconds put timeout is something
> outstanding and I hardly believe noatime is a remedy.
> Log files appeared to be somewhat unclear to track down the problem.
> Is there anything else we can try?
> Thanks a lot!
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