Best way to insert a collection of items at once

Brian Roach roach at
Mon Jul 22 15:19:25 EDT 2013

Re your last Q:

>  I have read StoreObject does a read on every write, if true, can that
be disabled?

Yes. If you're not worried about creating siblings you can use the
withoutFetch() option in the StoreObject:


The StoreObject will not attempt to fetch the existing value (nor do
conflict resolution) when that's specified.

Also worth asking is how/when are you constructing your Bucket object?
By default the Java client does a fetch for bucket properties when you
call IRiakClient.fetchBucket(bucketName).execute()

This can be disabled by using:

Bucket b = client.fetchBucket(bucketName).lazyLoadBucketProperties().execute();

- Roach

On Mon, Jul 22, 2013 at 12:41 PM, rsb <cnasillo at> wrote:
> Thank you for your reply, I gave that a shot and worked really well.
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