Riak not binding to anything but localhost

Shane McEwan shane at mcewan.id.au
Wed Jul 24 08:54:30 EDT 2013

On 24/07/13 13:14, John Le Drew wrote:
> Hi there
> Trying to get a simple Riak Cluster configured on some VMs. I'm using
> Ubuntu 12.04 and compiled Riak 1.4 from source. It will start up fine
> when bound to but after changing the IP in app.config and
> vm.args it no longer starts.
> The only output I get from Riak start is:
> Node 'riak at' not responding to pings.
> I bet more (obviously) from riak console, this is in the Gist linked below.
> All the relevant config files, console outputs and log files are here:
> https://gist.github.com/antz29/f159b7e5400af22dacd8

Looking at your app.config file I see a couple of lines like:

  {http, [ {"[[IP]]", 8098 } ]},

Is the "[IP]" you obfuscating your IP address or is that literally 
what's in the file? If that's what is in the file I don't think that 
will work. :-)

Unless I need to bind to a specific interface I usually use the 
"wildcard" IP "" so that I can use the same config file on all my 
nodes. Then, the only place I need to be explicit with an IP is in the 
vm.args name variable.


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