Tweaking app.config and vm.args for best performance

Dave Brady dbrady at
Wed Jul 24 11:02:02 EDT 2013

Hi rsb, 

In app.config: 

{riak_api, [ 
{disable_pb_nagle, true} 

{riak_core, [ 
{disable_http_nagle, true} 

Dave Brady 

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I'm not sure, I would suggest you to go through release notes, the link I sent you is for the latest version which is 1.4, depending on the version of Riak you want to use or required to use different settings/tuning apply, go chronologically from 1st relevant version to last and see what applies to you and what have changed: 

Riak 1.2.1 : 
Riak 1.3.2: 
Riak 1.4: 

The same applies for tuning doc, it is different per version, I guess you already figured out how to locate each. 



On 24/07/13 11:16, rsb wrote: 

Thanks Guido. While great advice, those tuning tips seems to cover a limited
amount of optimization mainly OS based. If also found the configuration
files doc's
( ) but I am
uncertain of which parameters should I be modifying and to which values.

One last question, given the size of data I am pushing into Riak (< 1kb per
record) it appears to be it would be a good idea to disable Nable's
 1) Are my thoughts correct?
 2) I cant seem to find the [disable_pb_nagle] flag anywhere in the config
file, is that expected because I am supposed to add it?

Thanks again. 

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