Scaling Riak CS to hundreds or thousands of servers

Andre Lohmann lohmann.andre at
Thu Jul 25 09:57:04 EDT 2013

How is the Scaling of Raik CS when setting up a few hundred servers in a

Does it make sense, to build a cluster of that size, or is it recommended
to have smaller pools of clusters and shard the Files over more than one
cluster? What about stanchion as the potetial single point of failure, how
to prevent it from corupting the System? If I got it right, Stanchion
handles the IDs of Buckets and some user stuff. So if no further Buckets or
users need to be created, there is no need for stanchion at that time and
up-/downloading can go on as usual?

As I want to use riak cs for large files (50MB-15GB) is it possible to
raise the chunk size up to these Filesizes, to prevent the system from
heavy network traffic?

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