Querying multiple 2i via Intersections

Antonio Rohman Fernandez rohman at mahalostudio.com
Sat Jul 27 09:20:21 EDT 2013

Hi there,

I didn't fully check the new release notes yet, but I guess that Riak 1.4 doesn't have the ability to query multiple 2i at the same time... how difficult may be to implement a multiple 2i query via their intersecting items in their arrays? Maybe we could have this in future versions?

I normally do this with scripts before doing a MapReduce, if the data I want to look for is having 2 indexes conditions, I get the array of items of each 2i query, then get only the items found on both arrays and use it as a MapReduce input list.

However, done in my app's side is a bit costly as Riak needs to give me the full items arrays and then I need to process them to find repeated keys.

I really wish for Riak to be able to query multiple 2i soon as it will help a lot.


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