Riak 1.4 test on Azure - Webmachine error at path ...

Christian Rosnes christian.rosnes at gmail.com
Sun Jul 28 15:53:32 EDT 2013

On Thu, Jul 25, 2013 at 2:16 PM, Christian Rosnes <
christian.rosnes at gmail.com> wrote:

> During a test I just performed on a small Riak 1.4 cluster setup on Azure,
> I started seeing the Riak errors messages listed below after about 10
> minutes.
> The simple test was performed using lastest Jmeter running on two Azure
> instances,
> which also each runs haproxy and loadbalances the http/rest requests
> between
> the 4 Riak nodes.
An Update:

Increased some sysctl.conf network parameters on the Riak instances.
I have now been running 3 consecutive 1-hour JMeter tests with no errors:

>> 600 JMeter threads - 3600 seconds
total count: 5526844, overall avg: 386 (ms),
overall tps: 1536.6 (p/sec), recent tps: 1932.1 (p/sec), errors: 0

>> 400 JMeter threads - 3600 seconds
total count: 6350600, overall avg: 224 (ms),
overall tps: 1765.7 (p/sec), recent tps: 1849.1 (p/sec), errors: 0

>> 300 JMeter threads - 3600 seconds
total count: 5997689, overall avg: 178 (ms),
overall tps: 1666.5 (p/sec), recent tps: 1744.7 (p/sec), errors: 0

A drop in performance compared to previous Azure results
(from around 2000 req/s for 1-hour tests), but it may be caused
by the move of Riak data directory from ephemeral
/mnt/resource partitions to persistent XFS partitions;
'iostat' reports that the new partitions are near 100%
io utilization during the tests.

Will run a few more tests, then on to testing on some larger
(and a few more) Azure instances and compare result with
similar instances on AWS.

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