Riak Recap for July 23-31

John Daily jdaily at basho.com
Wed Jul 31 12:59:30 EDT 2013

Greetings, Riak world.

It's time to say farewell to July. There will be many opportunities to see the Basho crew out and about in August, so I've included the next couple of weeks below, and you can always visit http://basho.com/events to see what's coming to your community.

Don't forget that the granddaddy Riak event of them all is looming: RICON West in San Francisco in October. Grab your early bird tickets while you can, and expect to hear more about the speakers very soon.



Riak Recap for July 23-31 

Basho announced a critical issue impacting 1.4.0 upgrades when Riak
Control is running.
- http://lists.basho.com/pipermail/riak-critical-issues_lists.basho.com/2013-July/000004.html

Brian Roach announced Riak Java Client 1.1.2, 1.4.0 (and shortly thereafter 1.4.1).
- http://lists.basho.com/pipermail/riak-users_lists.basho.com/2013-July/012729.html
- http://lists.basho.com/pipermail/riak-users_lists.basho.com/2013-July/012767.html

Sean Cribbs belatedly announced riak-erlang-client 1.4.0.
- http://lists.basho.com/pipermail/riak-users_lists.basho.com/2013-July/012796.html

Now that Riak 1.4 is out the door, Basho engineers are seeking input
on future changes.
- Andrew Thompson: Adding security to Riak
   * http://lists.basho.com/pipermail/riak-users_lists.basho.com/2013-July/012730.html
- Brian Roach: Removing HTTP support from the Java client
   * http://lists.basho.com/pipermail/riak-users_lists.basho.com/2013-July/012731.html
- Sean Cribbs: Client autoconfig
   * http://lists.basho.com/pipermail/riak-users_lists.basho.com/2013-July/012743.html
- Russell Brown: CRDTs
   * http://lists.basho.com/pipermail/riak-users_lists.basho.com/2013-July/012744.html

O'Reilly published a gentle rant by Eric Redmond on choices in technology.
- http://programming.oreilly.com/2013/07/nosql-choices-to-misfit-or-cargo-cult.html

Basho on the Road
Tonight, Mark Phillips will be talking Riak 1.4 and RICON West at
StackMob HQ in San Francisco
- July 31 / http://www.meetup.com/San-Francisco-Riak-Meetup/events/129762112/

Tomorrow, Tom Santero and Andrew Stone will be talking consensus
algorithms at the Erlang meetup in NYC
- August 1 / http://www.meetup.com/Erlang-NYC/events/131394712/

A random sampling of Basho memelords will be present at the Riak
meetup in Boston next Monday
- August 5 / http://www.meetup.com/Boston-Riak/events/131992742/

Next Wednesday, in Norwich, England, Christian Dahlqvist will be talking
about Riak design and data modeling
- August 7 / http://www.meetup.com/Norfolk-Developers-NorDev/events/121000182/

Also on Wednesday, in Köln, Germany, Richard Shaw will be talking
about Yokozuna
- August 7 / http://www.nosql-cologne.org

Next Thursday in Herndon, Virginia, Stuart McCaul will be presenting
on Rovio's use of Riak; several other Bashoites will be in attendance
- August 8 / http://www.meetup.com/Riak-DC/events/130773522/

Next Saturday, Hector Castro and Casey Rosenthal will be running a
Riak workshop at FOSSCON
- August 10 / http://fosscon.org

Looking further out, several events take place the following Tuesday:

Andy Gross will be in London talking distributed systems
- August 13 / http://www.meetup.com/cloud-nosql/events/126742782/

Tom Santero will host a drinkup in Atlanta
- August 13 / http://www.meetup.com/Atlanta-Riak-Meetup/events/131521272/

Pavan Venkatesh will lead a discussion of the changes to Riak 1.4 in
Santa Monica
- August 13 / http://www.meetup.com/Los-Angeles-Riak-Meetup/events/132040662/

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